Can`t Tell No One - Backfire! - Through Bitter Eyes (CD)

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  1. – The Eyes: When The Night Falls – The Eyes: Good Day Sunshine – The Pupils (2) I Wanna Be Your Man – The Eyes: Please Don't Cry – The Eyes: My Degeneration – The Eyes: You're Too Much – The Eyes: Man With Money – The Eyes: I'm Rowed Out – The Eyes: The Immediate Pleasure – The Pupils (2) 19th Nervous Breakdown.
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  3. I can see the pain in your bitter eyes I tried to save you, but you won’t allow me to So don’t accuse me for all that you put yourself through. Chorus: Hold my head under the waters And let me drown like there’s no one else to blame One day I’ll come up stronger, so don’t Hold me down like there’s no one else to blame No one else to.
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  8. Through Bitter Eyes. Can't Tell No More. Still Dedicated () Waiting For My Time. Trapped In The Maze. Don't Stay. (Cashing In) And Than Fxxking Leave with your SHIT Band before you even touched one guitar string and moved one single part of Their (Backfire Equipment) This Band SUCKZZZZ Big Time.. Ehhhh Im From.
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